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Robert Fischer's My 60 memorable games

Robert Fischer's My 60 memorable games

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Unknown chess heritage Fisher

Unknown Fischer chess heritage
book eleventh world champion Robert Fischer's My 60 memorable games knows every self-respecting fan of chess. This edition, which you hold in your hands, too - from start to finish - written by American genius! It contains articles and comments are not known to a wide circle of readers. In fact, these two books are full of a kind of chess collected works of Robert Fischer. Comments are a great champion certainly valuable teaching materials and will be of interest as highly nym chess players, and ordinary chess fans. Compiled by Mikhail Sokolov Publisher: Russian Chess House ISBN: 978-5-94693-162-5

I hope that collected in this book material , is the authenticity of which no doubt attract the attention of the Russian-speaking reader. By putting the book on the shelf next to the "60 memorable games", you become the owner of a complete collection of analytical work of the eleventh World Chess Champion.

SIZE: 1.7 MB
Format: DjVu

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