Scid vs. PC 4.11


- Maximum board size is now twice as big
- Gamelist context menu (right-click). Less button crowding
- Annotation improvements: Depth based annotation, and cut-off features
- Dock a few extra windows (graphs, tablebase)
- Computer tournament stability/speed fix
- Locked Analysis Engines now show the locked position (not the working line) , and bug-fix the engine lock, which didnt work properly
- Add a low CPU priority check box to Engine Configuration window (especially important for MS Windows - where engines can kill GUI)
- Engine configuration window now repsonds to keystrokes to quickly find any engine
- Display "(altered)" in statusbar is game has been changed
- Fullscreen menu item (Options->Windows->Fullscreen)
- FICS tweaks, including over-riding takeback/abort request dialogs when game ends
- Remove some wasted space around FICS, main button bar, and other widgets
- New Greek translation
- Read custom chess pieces from /.scidvspc/pieces
- Docked tabs/menu refinements
- OS X - Clicking on URLs will open the link in a browser
- Add a command console to the start-up window
- Bug-fix: Fix main board rendering anomoly in docked mode with MS Windows
- Bug-fix: When tree is open, gamelist filter operations didn't work properly
- Bug-fix: Search in variations never matched positions at end-of-line
- Bug-fix: Opening Table favourites werent working properly
- In Export PGN dialog, add an option for "Space after Move Numbers"
- Keyboard short-cuts changes. Control-L (etc) no longer open/close, but open/raise
- Tweak Comment Editor and Player Info buttons

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Scid vs. PC 20140216