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descriptionSF vs komodo9.1 EmptySF vs komodo9.1

2 x E5-2687W 8 core SSD @ 3.1 GHz (3.8 GHz Turbo Boost)
32 GB RAM Memory
Win Pro 7 SP1 X64
Fritz benchmark for 8 cores:
Speed: 36.31
KNS: 17430
GUI: CB-Deep Fritz 14
Book: Baracuda 2015-7 moves
Tablebases: ON
8 cores per engine
Ponder: ON
Time:Blitz 5m 0
1 Stockfish 150815 64 POPCNT +16 +34/=141/-25 52.25% 104.5/200
2 Komodo 9.01 64-bit -16 +25/=141/-34 47.75% 95.5/200

descriptionSF vs komodo9.1 EmptyRe: SF vs komodo9.1

SF gogogogo king
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