Chenard Chess Program C++
Author: Don Cross

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- Chenard is written totally in C++ and the source code is portable
- Built-in opening library, special endgame tactics, and the usual min-max search algorithm.
- Chenard automatically learns new openings


Windows graphical version
- Easy-to-use standalone program for 32-bit Windows (Win32) and 64-bit Windows (x64)
- Recommended Windows, want something easy to install
WinBoard plug-in chess engine
- For experienced computer chess enthusiasts
- Requires more knowledge to install. Both Win32 and x64 versions are available
C++ source code
- Compile source for programmers

Microsoft Windows 2000, XP, Vista, and Windows 7
- Chenard for 32-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
- Chenard for 64-bit versions of Microsoft Windows.
- Optional zip file endgame databases
- 16MB of disk space.

WinBoard version (Win32) (x64)

Source code for Chenard
- complete C++ source code for Chenard
- Don Cross
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- cosinekitty {at} hotmail {dot} com.