Scid vs. PC 4.12
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Changelog: Scid vs. PC 4.12

Gamelist/Filter fixes. Filter works better with Tree
New Crosstable tie-break options and reorder Crosstable menus
Game-result is now shown alongside Player names, at top of GameInfo window
Middle button in main board toggles game info
Databases open faster (Linux/OS X only - "avoid the time consuming file locking". Windows is in testing).
Allow dragging Docked Window tabs to alter their order

Gamelist button/menu
Flag button is now context menu, Gamelist Save is moved to tools->export, Find button removed (use enter in Find entrybox)export, Find button removed (use enter in Find entrybox)

Update spelling file to a custom version of Franz's Jan-5-2014 spellling.ssp
Spell-checking can now remove GM, IM, FM, CM, WGM prefixes from player names
Doing player-name replacements, show how many fail due to age/date considerations

Add user-configurable init commands
Board size slider is now a menu
Game Offers pack over buttons (making it less crowded, use escape/button-2 to cancel)
New find entrybox to search the console
Remove Clear button (as getting crowded)
Remove the never used big clocks
Add start, end sounds (and minor sound fixes - though still buggy)
Dont save FICS aborted games
Disable engines when playing a FICS game

Analysis and Annotation
Make 'scoreToMate' work better and faster, which stops occasional incorrect Mate-in-N lines showing up, and works better at near-mate positions
Make the Annotation config window fit on small displays
Stop engine at end of annotating a single game
Try a new approach to Depth-based annotation, which works better, but still needs fine-tuning

Spanish translation update from Igor Sosa Mayor
Polish translation update from Adam Umiastowski
Add a find entrybox to the splash window
Strip PGN Tags improvements
Right-clicking toolbar Game-Save icon quick saves game
Sound devices can now be selected; mainly useful for Linux systems
Dont insert newlines into PGN copied to text buffer... Some web PGN browsers don't work with newlines following movenum. eg "10. Nxc3"
Save game history when Scid quits
Remove tree status bar. Same info avail in switcher and tree text widget
Booktuning nextmove is now highlighted (same as Book), and padding has been tweaked a bit
Move Maintenance menu from File to Tools menu
Remove the annoying " from myPlayerNames

When saving PGN to file, disable translating pieces. (Export to PGN was already this way)
FICS Digital clocks didnt appear under some circumstances
Undo/redo refinement/fix for when buffer has been full
Fix import issue - Sometimes first tag is lost (If UTF byte order mark is present)
MSWindows - Board keyboard bindings are were getting lost after Variation window popup is dismissed
Some tooltip refinements, including removing tooltips with board update (mask tooltips were erroneously persistent)
Tablebase window: Results Board was not getting packed (is now below Results Frame). Change the damn awful red, update help, give tbWin the widest paned window
With wish8.6, we cant close undocked windows with a Close button. Fix
Some fixes for javascript and html game exports
Correctly handle plain text crosstables